Attracting migrating birds to your home

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Providing nesting materials can both help birds and create a fun family activity that will engage young people in nature. Families can help birds with their homemaking needs by providing materials that will make their jobs a little easier. Below are some steps on how to help bird’s prepare their nests.

  • 1. Place wet mud, moss, small twigs, straw, short lengths of string and knitting yarn in a few different dishes.
  • 2. Locate an open space in the yard, near the edge of the lawn is best, and place the dishes there so birds can find them.
  • 3. Be sure to leave the dishes alone for at least 24 hours so the birds have time to find and use them.
  • 4. Watch and monitor the plates over the next several days to see which plates the birds are visiting. Take a walk around the yard and neighborhood to see if there are any bird nests. Remember, do not disturb a nest, watch from a distance.