Boston Marathon tragedy changes security at first-of-its-kind race in Columbus

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A first-of-its-kind race is coming to Columbus, and with it, the chance to run in one of the biggest races in the world. The race is a Boston Marathon qualifier and there will be tighter security following the tragedy there.

Organizers say the big race, slated for the end of September, will bring business to the city, and help people who live there get in the best shape possible.

Danny Fisher is an avid runner.  He has been hooked since the 6th grade, but now he has a new mission.  He is getting runners ready for the city’s first ever marathon.

“Not a whole lot of marathons in Indiana, so to have one in your home town is pretty special,” said Fisher.

In years past the Mill Race was a 5K, this year organizers are pulling out all the stops. The race will be 26.2 miles, the route twists and turns, it begins and ends in downtown Columbus.

“Fun, flat, fast and scenic is how we think about this.  A terrific place to, not only come and compete as a runner, but a wonderful place to bring your family and friends to share in four days of a terrific event,” said organizer Dave Crompton.

Mill Hill Marathoners will not just be going for the best time or the prize money. The race is a Boston Marathon qualifier. After the tragedy there, the race holds a renewed, deeper meaning.

“Starting that night a lot of people started to think about it,” said Crompton. “We have doubled our efforts to think through everything we can and should do to make this a safe and enjoyable race for everybody that is involved.”

Grant Russo was in Boston at the time of the explosions.

“It was just snip-its of information and it just kept getting worse and worse,” said Russo.

Before he found out there was an explosion, and  people died, Russo vowed never to run
the Boston again.

“I definitely hit the wall earlier than I should have,” said Russo.

Now, he has a different mindset.

“You are going to see so many more people sign up for the Boston Marathon because they want to prove that we are not going to back down,” said Russo.  “The good will always outweigh the bad and runners will always be there.”

Runners from this year’s Boston Marathon can get discounted entry forms for the Mill Race Marathon.  Also this year, runners who finish with a good enough time will be entered to win a brand new, $50,000 Dodge Ram pick-up, powered by  6.7L Cummons Turbo Diesel engine.

The Mill Race Marathon will be held Sept 28.

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