Union City man to plead guilty after branding kids who asked for tattoos

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A man accused of branding three children with a hot medallion after they asked for a tattoo will plead guilty.

Jason Mangas, 29, has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

brandingAccording to a probable cause affidavit, Mangas was taking care of his four children and a family friend in January when his 8-year-old daughter asked if she could get a tattoo. Mangas then put a medallion on a space heater until it was hot and “placed the medallion on her arm, burning an impression of the medallion,” according to court documents.

Investigators said the piece left a burn on the girl’s arm that was about three inches by five inches. The 8-year-old girl said her 14-year-old brother and her brother’s 14-year-old friend were also branded.

According to court documents, the “branding” left “burns and scabbing” on the children. Investigators said Mangas put the children in a situation that could endanger their health.

An investigator from the Department of Child Services observed a cursory “brand” on a fourth child. The child’s mother said the boy ran away when the metal touched his skin.

Mangas had faced three counts of neglect of a dependent. The specifics of the plea agreement haven’t been released yet.

He will plead guilty and be sentenced in July.

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