Flying from Indy to Silicon Valley could soon be non-stop

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A major step is in the works to help Indianapolis compete in the global market.

The jobs and companies are in the city, but many feel that something is still missing.

So many jobs have ties to the Silicon Valley, but you will not see San Francisco on the departures or arrivals arrivals board, at least not yet. There are plans in the works to change that.

When it comes to getting from point A to point B, businessman Pierre Berclaz said taking a plane should not be rocket science.

“That is common sense,” said Berclaz.  “It is much simpler. I think it is like everything in life, if you have to do one step versus two steps.”

He knows the frustration of missing a connection.

“Direct flights have advantages, time and it is easier not having to rush from one terminal to the other, so there are lots of advantages to do that,” said Berclaz.

That pain and aggravation of not catching a connecting flight could soon be a thing of the past, at least to one destination: San Francisco.

“It is important for business people here to be able to get back and forth to different places around the country and ultimately around the world,” said Kevin Brinegar, Indiana Chamber of Commerce President.  “It is important for companies looking to locate here and expand here that we have a robust array of direct flights.”

Brinegar said his office is working to try and change the minds of airport execs.

“To try and build a base so we can go to the airlines and say, ‘If you ran a direct flight to San Francisco, here is a list of companies that we know of that would book and use this many flights per year, as a base, as a starting point,'” said Brinegar.

If the groups pushing for this change get their way,flyers would get on one plane and head straight to San Francisco instead of going from Indianapolis and connecting in Chicago.

It is a plan Berclaz hopes will take flight.

“As a business traveler you want to make it efficient and those are things that matter for you, the route you want to chose, the airline and how quickly you can go to a place,” said Berclaz.

As far as when this could all happen, there is not a timeline, but a similar movement worked several years ago to get a direct flight from Indy to Los Angeles.

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