More rain means more headaches for Tipton residents

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Tipton County is battling even more flooding issues after rain early Monday morning. It’s a problem the community battled about a month and a half ago.

Frank Crider lives off 2nd Street near Adams Street. He could not believe the road was blocked again due to flooding.

“We had a good rain this morning. We had five inches, according to the rain gauge and I said, ‘No Lord, not again,'” Crider said.

Mayor Don Havens was called by worried residents as soon as it started to rain.

“These folks are truly feeling a lot of stress and they are just truly sensitive to the fact that the flooding continues,” Havens said.

Havens said their focus will be on flooding mitigation for the creek which is nearby.

Havens said families received local aid after April’s flooding.

“That’s the only thing that’s going to keep our community from being a reservoir for the upstream flooding that’s taking place,” Havens said.

Families experienced major problems at the end of April. Many of their streets were blocked because of flooding. There were cars underwater and people had to be rescued from their homes.

“I had four and a half (feet) of water in my garage, out in the yard. It was over my head,” Crider said.

Even though it has been a month and a half since his house flooded, crews from Georgia helped Crider remove damaged furniture. A team with Southern Baptist Convention -Disaster Relief (Georgia)- helped Crider remove floor boards and furniture Monday.

“I’m glad there’s still some good people that are able to help others when in need,” Crider said.

The team will also help families in Elwood while they are in the area.

“We got more work than we can handle right now. We have one more team coming up from Georgia tonight and we may have a third team later on this week,” Glenn Widner said.

Widner said their team could be at Crider’s home through Tuesday. Then, another local team will help the family.

“Frank will be proud of his house once it is finished. What I’m concerned about (is that) it keeps flooding around here. I mean. The waters (have) to go somewhere,”Widner said.

Crider said he is thankful the team from Georgia helped him.

“I couldn’t find the words to say how I feel in my heart, but I tell you what, I needed it,” Crider said.

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