Neighbors, agencies keep close eye on Tippecanoe River

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CARROLL COUNTY – Emergency officials will continue monitoring the Tippecanoe River because of potential flooding.

Thursday morning, flood sirens went off to signal a flood watch. The water pumped from the Oakdale Dam exceeded 9,000 cubic feet a second, triggering the sirens.

People who live nearby noticed the river rising slowly on Thursday.

“I had to go onto the dock this morning at about 6:30 ’cause I left my fishing pole out there. There was two feet of water above my dock,” Michelle Wriston said.

Wriston, who has a summer home near the river, said she kept an eye on the water all day. She said she isn’t too worried about flooding.

“If it gets up on over the road, I go home. I’m not going to stay,” Wriston said.

Cory Cocanower, deputy director of Carroll County Emergency Management, doesn’t expect the river to reach flood warning level on Thursday. If it does, sirens will go off a second time to indicate that the Oakdale Dam is pumping 13,000 cubic feet of water per second.

“As far as we’re concerned, right now, there (are) no major threats. It’s just a wait and see what happens (situation) over the next few days,” Cocanower said.

Several agencies plan to monitor the situation because more rain is expected.

“I know they are calling for rain through the rest of the week and through the weekend. So, right now we’re just definitely (in) the watch stage,” Cocanower said.

Cocanower said this is the time people should review their flood safety plan.

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