Supermoon over central Indiana Sunday night

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The full moon is here and technically occured at 7:32 AM Sunday morning.  We’ll still get to enjoy it tonight, as long as you see a few breaks in the clouds, take in the sight.  But the full moon tonight is a bit more unique than the average event.   This weekend’s moon is actually called a “supermoon” due to how much brighter and bigger it appears in the sky.  It can look up to 13% bigger and 30% brighter according to  So why does this happen?  The distance the moon is to the Earth is the closest we’ve seen in years.  When the moon is physically closer to the Earth, it will easily look larger.

Want more details (and time to nerd out!).. well here you go!  The moon orbits on a 27 day elliptical path around the Earth.  The farthest away point is called apogee and the closest distance is called perigee.  When the full moon coincides with perigee (the closer location) the moon looks closer, bigger and brighter. 

supermoon 2

Taken by Ron Showley of Johnstown, PA

What else makes the full moon special on Sunday morning?  It’s called the Strawberry Moon according to the Farmers Almanac.  Typically, strawberries are harvested each year during the month of June, so the name stuck.  In Europe, it’s also called the Rose Moon.


 Here are some of the great moon shots from last night that you shared with us! Feel free to do so again tonight!