Less heat and humidity, more rain chances

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Scattered storms once again developed in parts of Indiana Thursday afternoon mainly north of the city.  One storm developed near Winamac and rolled for over 150 miles fading when it reached just west of Cincinnati.  This “long-lived super-cell” thunderstorm is rather rare for Indiana.  Yes they will occur each summer but this one was unique.  It was all alone and gave many an uninterrupted view of the storm and its amazing structure.

The storm towered at times to over 50,ooo feet and produced numerous severe weather reports from near Logansport (60 mph gusts) to 1″ hail at Bunker Hill, 1.25″ hail in Kokomo along with a gust to 60 mph.  The storm would lose steam entering Madison County then gathered strength again.  Storm reports came in from Anderson (tree limbs snapped) and more damage reported farther southeast of Rushville in Glenwood.

Supercell storm June 27 2013

Towering Thunderstorm
Thursday evening

storm reports


Thursday marked the 11th straight day in the 80’s tying the season high at 89°.  17 of the past 18 days have topped 80 but still no official 90°.  To date last year we had hit it 12 times and were on our way to the hottest temp in 58 years.  Last June 28 we reached a blistering 104°!   But as it stands now – this will be the latest first 90° here in 6 years.


Winds will freshen up from the northwest early Friday morning as drier more comfortable air flows into the state.  it is the start of a milder spell of weather.  Cooler air will settle in for the weekend dropping area temps into hte upper 70’s Saturday and Sunday.  The cooler and less humid air comes with a  price – still a chance of showers.  An upper low settle over the eastern U.S. and provide us with a daily chance of showers and thunderstorms.  Blazing heat will be pushed back west possibly record heat there while our mild air lingers into early next week.  At this distance its is still looking like the coolest July 4th here in 4 years and by Thursday – the rain threat will have diminished.  Stay tuned for more on the long holiday weekend in the days ahead.

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