Overcrowded shelter wants negligent pet owners fined

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ANDERSON – An overcrowded Central Indiana animal shelter wants city leaders to fine pet owners who don’t neuter or spay their animals.

During the month of June, the Animal Protection League nearly doubled its size when it took in about 300 animals. It was already caring for about 200 animals.

It is so packed, there are now kennels in offices and out in the lobby.

“We have them everywhere,” said Director Maleah Stringer.

Anderson police reported a jump in the number of calls for stray or abused animals—from less than 10 a day to now 35 a day.

“People are irresponsible. They don’t spay and neuter their pets. They don’t practice responsible pet ownership,” Stringer told Fox 59.

She wants tougher state laws for animal abuse and neglect and wants to see a city ordinance that would fine negligent pet owners.

“We need people to spay and neuter their pets and not let them run loose,” she said.

If things don’t change, Stringer said, it is likely many of the animals in house will have to be put down to make room for more coming in.

If you would like to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate, call the Animal Protection League at (765) 356-0900.