BMV admits to overcharging Hoosiers, working to right wrong

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If you renewed your Indiana driver’s license during the past six years, the BMV says you were over charged.

The state agency made the discovery after a class-action lawsuit was filed in March. The suit claims that the BMV had collected millions of dollars in unlawful fees from Indiana residents dating all the way back to 2007.

The BMV says they overcharged drivers $3.50 for their six, five or four-year licenses. The agency made the correction to fees on Friday, but there is still a lawsuit pending and it wants the state to pay back the money plus interest.

Both parties were in mediation Friday.

Drivers tell Fox59 they are pleased the error was found and is fixed, but they also want their $3.50 back.

“I think as long as they do the proper thing by refunding or giving a credit to everybody towards their next renewal in some form or another is, you know– I think that’s fair,” said driver Larry Mikulski of Indianapolis.

“We’re actually reviewing possibilities, pending current litigation on ways to get money back to Hoosiers,” said Josh Gillespie with the BMV.

There is no timeline yet on when the money will be returned or how.

Mediation will likely continue next week.

This comes at a time when the BMV is celebrating a 97 percent customer service satisfaction rating this quarter.

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