Scattered storms moving out – more rain this weekend

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Clouds were building across central Indiana as an upper low moves in for the weekend.  The sharp drop in temperatures from the surface up to 5,000 feet signals that daytime heating will activate thunderstorm development.  Scattered storms are sliding in from the northwest and are expected to continue through the early evening, hours.

Locally brief heavy rainfall is likely and possibly some hail in the stronger storms. Reports .25″ hail from Marion in Grant County came in just before 2:30 PM.

Marion Hail

Small Hail in Marion

Kokomo Clouds 6-28-2013

Afternoon Shelf Cloud in Howard County

The storms are likely to continue in the area through 10pm.    As the sun sets this evening the coverage and intensity of the storms will diminish.

Lightning Tracker

Radar 3PM Friday


A third and final wave passed the city around 9 PM with more gusty winds and heavy downpours.  Gusts of 35 miles per hour in the city brought some power outages and blinding rain fell.  Several pictures of the storm clouds rolling through the city were captured.  The strange look and rapid movement of the storms always make for some great storm pictures.

Level 2

Radar 8:45 PM Friday night as storm enters northwestern Marion County.

C Swaim 6-28-2013

Here is another view of a shelf cloud over Muncie from Fox 59 weather intern Christopher Swaim

Bam Chase Friday 6-28 storm

Looking east from Greenwood Chase Team web cam


Look at the upside down pattern coming through early next week.  An intense hot dome out west will push all time high temperature records.  In southern California the thermometer topped 119° in Needles, 118° Blythe and 116° at Imperial.  Death Valley will push the world record it set in 1913 of 134° with a projected high of 129°!

With the upper low in the area there is a daily chance of rain with the rainfall coverage at its peak Saturday.  As the low weakens the aerial coverage of afternoon showers will lessen into Thursday just in time for the 4th of July.

Jet Stream

Rain Chance

Aerial rain coverage will diminish by July 4th