Victim’s family glad crime spree suspect will face adult charges

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From juvenile detention, to the county jail – those are the next steps for 15-year-old Gabriel Edwards.  By early next week he will be charged. The family of a man, killed in the crime spree Edwards was allegedly involved in, did not wait that long to breathe a sigh of relief, though.

“Thank God.”

That was Janet Yingling’s reaction when she heard the news. Edwards will be tried as an adult.

“It will not end, I just hope they get their punishment,” said Yingling.

Edwards is not the one accused of killing Janet’s husband, John, but Yingling said the boy knew what he was doing.

“This was no surprise,” said Yingling.  “It was just a matter of time before he actually did it. Not that he pulled the trigger, but he was involved.”

Sirquain Burr and Edwards are accused of a crime spree that spanned several Central Indiana counties.  It began with armed robberies, stolen cars and the shooting of a man walking his dog. It ended with a crash on West 56th Street in Hendricks County.

The prosecutor’s office said Edwards has a criminal past, but that was not the biggest reason why Edwards is being bumped up to adult court.

“Some criminal history factored in, but she seemed to focus to a great extent on the reckless nature of these acts,” said Marion County Prosecuting Attorney Denise Robinson, “the fact that they were on a spree and the victims were truly innocent victims in this case.”

“Every second of it,” said daughter Stacey Yingling.  “Every second of it.”

Every day the family thinks about what happened on that February morning.  If the teenagers, Gabriel Edwards and Sirquain Burr are in court, they will be there every day.

“To show my support amongst the Yingling family,” said Stacey Yingling. “That is something that we should do.  That is how I see it (to show them) that somebody does care.”

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