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Central Indiana misses out on aurora show

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Space weather enthusiasts got to see a rare sight in the lower 48 last night, the northern lights!  There was a strong solar storm (caused by a CME impact) that created auroras as far south as Kansas.  Directly to our west in Illinois, the northern lights were clearly visible in the small town of El Paso.

So why did we miss out?  It was all due to cloud cover.  Had it not been raining or cloudy out last night, Central Indiana would have had front row seats to see the northern lights.  But mother nature had different plans.

One thing we look at when dealing with the auroras is the Kp value.  Generally it needs to be higher than 7 to see the northern lights here in Central Indiana.  Here is data that came in from last night.  As you can see, the solar storm was definitely strong enough.

kp explainedSince we couldn’t see the show, we can at least live through the pictures of others across the U.S.   Take a second to enjoy!