New laws go into effect today

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -Dozens of new state laws take effect Monday, including several measures affecting education.

A new anti-bullying law will create new guidelines for how bullying incidents get reported.

“It’s definitely going to help people like me, because it’s going to let people know bullying is a serious issue and this is going to make sure school administrators realize that they are going to be entitled to do something about bullies,” said Paige Rawl, a former bullying victim who helped fight for the new law.

An expanded school voucher law also takes effect Monday, meaning more students will be eligible for vouchers next school year.

Other laws will affect Indiana drivers. If you illegally park in a handicapped spot, be warned: The fines are doubling, to $100 per offense.

Another new law deals with your car insurance – now you can show proof of insurance electronically through an app on your phone.

“This is something that people are asking for, as they do more and more things on their phone,” said John Zarich of the Insurance Institute of Indiana.

Other new laws will help protect you and your neighborhood, including tougher rules for people looking to sell catalytic converters and copper from air conditioners, often taken from abandoned houses and sold on to scrap yards.

“Now we’ve done something to stop it,” said State Rep. Christina Hale, D-Indianapolis.

Now you’ll need you proof you own the car, or a receipt to show you actually own the air conditioner before you can sell it for scrap.

Another new law allows some ex-cons to get their criminal record expunged, if they meet certain requirements.

There are also new laws for pharmacists – they’re now able to give more vaccines, but there will be tighter limits on some cold medications.

Another new law allows hospitals to form their own police departments, while another law allows midwives to legally deliver, meaning more women can give birth at home.

View all the laws that take effect Monday here.

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