Wettest open to July in 12 years and a Fall-like feel

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July 1 2013 starts wet with over a half-inch of rain down by 6PM.  Locally heavy rainfall of over 1″ returned Monday.  Radar estimates amounts of 2″ downstate.  The rainfall Monday marked the 9th day in the pst 10 officially with rain in the city.  Last year the drought was in full effect and we were drying up fast – to date rainfall is about normal for the season with 4.41″ down since June 1st


Call the law!  Someone stole summer – well it is alive and well out west with searing temps running up the western third of the continent.  While record heat bakes the west the temperature here are very cool.  This is the coolest open to a July since 2009 and a far cry from last years 95°.  The 72° high is more like a late September or early October day.  The cool stretch of 70’s here since Saturday is the coolest in a bout a month.  To date no 90° yet and it is late.  The average date of our first 90° day comes June 19th.  Last year we had hit 90 15 times and topped 100° twice.

ADI Temps

6pm Monday Temperatures

US Temps

6pm National Temperatures


With no 90 here officially yet (longest wait for a 90° day since 2006 and will likely grow longer) a slow rebound in temperatures is expected for the long holiday weekend.  80’s return for the 4th and are expected to hold through the weekend.  The overall picture however is a cool one and a breakout of temperatures over the next 2.5 weeks suggests we may be saving on the a/c bill.  The next 5 days will warm but still be slightly below the average by 5°.  Resurgent cool is forecast again by July 12th/13th.

Here is temperature departure from normal breakout for the next 16 days

Days 1-5: -6°

Days 6-10: -5° 

Days 11-16: -10°

8-14 Monday

8-14 day Temp Outlook

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