Danko: Stevens has served as the quintessential Butler representative

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Butler University’s president and athletic director held a press conference following the announcement that Brad Stevens would be leaving Wednesday.

Stevens is leaving the university to coach for the Boston Celtics.

While the two expressed sadness, they said they would support Stevens in this endeavor.

“Brad is a very bright, very articulate and a wonderful, wonderful person who handled this as well as he’s handled everything else you’ve seen him do,” said Barry Collier, Athletic Director.

The deal is reportedly worth $22 million over the next six years.

“It’s a special opportunity that he had and we’ve done everything we possibly could to keep him here,” said Collier.

The news was a shock to the school and many fans. Collier said they were all surprised at the move but that the team would continue on.

“Our focus is to shift from what has been to what will be,” said Collier.

In doing so, University President James Danko said they would be using Stevens’ playing style and the Butler Way as a guide.

“In so many ways, Brad really did represent the best in the Butler community,” said Danko. “He just has been the quintessential individual when it comes to representing Butler.”

“The teams that we’ve had and our future teams will all benefit from living that and playing that way, being great teammates and thinking of others first and having commitment and all that comes with the Butler way,” echoed Collier.

While Butler has always promoted from within their program, bringing in an outside coach is not outside of the realm of possibilities.

“The principles (of the Butler Way) are available to everyone,” said Collier.

The search for Stevens’ replacement is already underway.

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