Fewer travelers expected during this holiday weekend

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The Fourth of July is typically  a busy weekend, but experts say fewer people will be traveling this year.

The AAA Hoosier Motor Club indicted close to 41 million people across the country will travel 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend, which is from July 3-7. Of those people traveling, 84 percent will drive.

“The roadways are definitely going to be very busy,” Greg Stiter said.

Stiter is the public affairs manager for the AAA Hoosier Motor Club. He said nationwide fewer people will be traveling regardless of whether it’s by car or by plane.

Hoosiers driving out of state this weekend, will pay more than last year to travel. Wednesday, the average price for gas is $3.40 per gallon in Indiana. Last year, it was $3.28 per gallon.

“We don’t really have a budget, you know what I mean. It’s like what he said, ‘When the gas light goes on, you gotta pull over.’” Dawn Mays said.

Mays is traveling to South Carolina from Illinois with her husband. The couple thought the price at the pump in Indiana would be a lot cheaper than what they paid in Illinois.

“Yeah, they were supposed to be cheaper here and they’re not. Well, cheaper than Chicago by 20-cents,” Charles Mays said.

Some Hoosiers who decided to fly instead of driving said they did not make that decision because of gas prices. It was more convenient for them to fly.

“We usually go the day before the holiday. (We) enjoy the fireworks, shop, (and) just enjoy Miami,” Shelley Miller said.

Miller has traveled with friends to Miami during  the July 4 holiday for the past nine years. She said the price of her plane ticket went up this year.

“I think last year (for a) roundtrip (ticket) we paid like $223. This time, (it was) close to $390,” Miller said.

According to Indianapolis Airport officials, TSA predicts close to 50,000 people will fly out of the Indy airport from Jul 3-7. Officials said air travel is expected to be down 2.5 percent from last year.

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