Outside jury will hear case against man accused in Linton killing

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GREENE COUNTY – A judge has denied a motion for a change of venue in the trial of one of the men accused of killing a Linton teenager.

In court Wednesday, Judge Dena Martin said Jordan Buskirk would be tried for the murder of Katelyn Wolfe in Greene County, although jurors would come from outside the county. Buskirk’s defense attorney filed for a change of venue, saying public outrage and hostility, media coverage and other factors would make it impossible for Buskirk to get a fair trial.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys reached an agreement to keep the case in Greene County with a jury from outside. A similar hearing in June ended with the same result for Randal Crosley, also charged in the case.

Buskirk and Crosley are accused of killing Wolfe last month, even fabricating a Facebook post that made it appear that the victim had written that someone was following her. They’re charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit rape and criminal confinement.

Buskirk told police that he and Crosley talked about a plan to rape and murder someone. They came across Wolfe, 19, and said she presented a target of opportunity. Police said the two had purchased condoms, handcuffs, restraint straps, a rope and a 20-pound weight.

According to court documents, the three smoked synthetic marijuana and Wolfe took Valium. When they tried to sexually assault her, she fought back. Buskirk said he used a rope to choke her.

Both are being held without bond. Their next hearing is scheduled for August.

jordan buskirk randal crosley

Jordan Buskirk (left) and Randal Crosley (right)

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