Thursday is forecast to be the coolest July 4 in years

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Central Indiana wasn’t entirely rain free Wednesday but no rain officially fell in the city. It marked only the 2nd “dry” day here over the past 12.  There were showers in the afternoon and a few storms mostly over far western and Eastern Indiana. Areal coverage reached about 20 percent and dropped off just before sunset and the loss of daytime heating.

The rain threat will not let up over the next several days.  The upper low that arrived Saturday inched west into Illinois Wednesday evening.  That small amount of movement is enough to ease its effect on activating afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  The combination of daytime heating and this low encourages vertical cloud building and thunderstorm development.  With the influence of the low weakening, the rain coverage has dropped off as expected.

Rain Chance


The humidity will climb each day through early next week as the upper air pattern makes some adjustments.  The upper low will drift west while a building high pressure system off the eastern seaboard takes shape.  This Bermuda High anchored near the Bermuda islands (hence the name Bermuda High) is a common summer feature.  This high and the  low to our west will set up to allow a flow of very moist air up from the Gulf of Mexico into the Ohio Valley.  Adding more juice to the atmosphere, it will also bring an increase in the daily shower and thunderstorm coverage.  The “chance” for rain at your house will increase again as we end the long holiday weekend.


This will be the coolest Fourth of July in four years and a huge difference from last year’s searing triple digit heat.  The 102° high in 2012 was the second hottest Independence Day on record behind the 1911 record of 103°.  It was back in 2009 when we set the record for the coolest max temperature of 70°.  Remarkably, we set the record one year prior with a high of only 71° on Independence Day!  The normal high is 85 degrees.

July 4th planner

NO 90’s

It’s been nine years since we waited this long for a 90° day here officially. Last year, we had topped 90 a total of 18 times. We also had two days above 100°.  The Summer of 2004 did not produce one 90 and a breakout of temperatures over the next 2.5 weeks suggests we may not see one soon.  It’s welcomed news by some after the last three very hot summers.

8-14 Weds

NWS 8-14 Day Temp Outlook

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