Unmarked trucks key to ISP construction crackdown

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Hoosiers are getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend. Many made big plans this week or are ready to head out on vacation.  Members of Indiana State Police are reminding drivers to be careful on the roadways.
A driver from Illinois, busted.  Speeding through a construction zone.

The driver did not see it coming and that was the point. The driver was caught doing 72 in a 45 mph zone.

“They do not expect a pickup truck to be a police vehicle and so we will see the driving behavior that they truly exhibit,” said ISP trooper Kurt Steinkamp.

Nine unmarked trucks will be circling construction zones this holiday weekend.

Trooper Steinkamp said it is simple, he will be looking for people doing something they should not be doing.

“Speed is the big offense, following too closely  too,” said Steinkamp.  “That is the number one cause for accidents.”

Jennifer Luckett is heading from Louisville to Chicago to celebrate the holiday.

“I have got some family in Chicago, so we will be visiting with them.”

She knows millions of others will also be heading from point A to point B this weekend.  Along with those millions of travelers, members of law enforcement are ready to change your driving habits when you aren’t expecting it.

“That is our goal, to try to get people to drive more safely, more responsibly, and to change the driving habits that we often see,” said Steinkamp.

Experts say following too closely is the reason for so many crashes in construction zones.

Each of the unmarked trucks have technology called “LIDAR” to keep that from happening. Lasers measure the distance between cars. Troopers say if you are following too closely, you should not be surprised if you get pulled over.

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