4th of July forecast and the holiday weekend

A passing shower and isolated storm isn’t out of the question this evening, so be sure to have the umbrella handy or a place to duck inside just in case.  But any rain that makes it into the metro tonight should be short-lived and only producing a minor burst of rainfall.  Here’s your Freedom Blast Forecast for those heading downtown!There’s a better chance for showers and isolated storms if you are in the southeastern part of the state.  This is where rain has been more persistent throughout the day and that will remain the case this evening.  Those of you west of Indianapolis should stay dry with overcast skies.  The same is true for northwest Indiana.  But if you are south of I-70, you’ll need to be on alert for some isolated showers developing.  This has been the case down near Bloomington and Bedford today.

Showers continue to pin-wheel around the upper level low again on Friday, bringing back in the chance for precipitation for yet another day.  Friday should result in a 40% chance for showers and isolated storms during the day.  The best chance will be in eastern Indiana with less of a chance in western Indiana.  Temperatures will be slightly warmer with highs near 80°F.  Skies remain mostly cloudy to overcast.