Explosion at public fireworks show injures at least 28 in California

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A public fireworks display went horribly wrong on Thursday night, injuring at least 28 people, according to the Ventura County Fire Department.

Officials initially said ten people were injured.  But by midnight, the number of victims had climbed to 28.

Of those 28 victims, 20 were transported to area hospitals, and eight were treated at the scene.

The mishap caused an accidental detonation during a professional fireworks display at the Rancho Santa Susana Community Park located near East Los Angeles Avenue.

The event was attended by thousands of people.

Amid the chaos, Ventura County firefighters set up a triage center in the park, where they treated adults and children, many of them hit by flying debris.

Annisa Wynn, who witnessed the accident told KTLA News the explosion happened about two minutes into the show.

Fireworks suddenly began shooting sideways into the crowd, instead of up in the air, she said.

“The fireworks were so close, you could see them on the ground,” Wynn said. “It never happens this way. People were screaming.”

Fire officials told KTLA News between 8,000 and 10,000 people were watching the show when the accident happened.