Marion Co. sergeant fired after drunk driving arrest

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A Marion County Sheriff’s Sergeant has lost his job after being arrested for drunken driving while in his cruiser, police said.

Alan Jones was stopped at a Fourth of July sobriety check point early Friday morning.

When asked if he had had anything to drink, police said, he admitted to have several drinks. Officers then asked Jones to take a field sobriety test.

“Forty-two years in law enforcement, this is (expletive),” he replied.

The responding officer reported that Jones failed four of six tests. Another officer was brought in to conduct a portable breath test.

“Lieutenant, are you kidding me? How long have we known each other?” Jones is reported to have said.

When the lieutenant failed to respond to Jones, Jones told him, “I’m gonna take that damn thing and I’m gonna fail it. How about you just let my wife drive home?”

Jones continued to mention his police service during the entire incident, police said.

After testing a BAC of .13, Jones was placed under arrest and taken to the jail. Indiana’s legal limit is .08.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement Friday:

“Alan F. Jones,  a five-year member of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, was terminated today by Sheriff John Layton.  Jones was reportedly arrested early this morning by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police for operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content in excess of the legal limit.  At the time of the arrest, Jones was allegedly operating an unmarked MCSO motor vehicle.

“Jones formerly served as a Sergeant in the Criminal Investigations Section.  A review of Jones’ personnel file revealed no previous disciplinary issues or actions.

“Sheriff Layton stated, ‘All of our Deputies are bound to obey the law like any other citizen.  We have zero tolerance for lawbreakers of all types.  Although Jones had been a good officer, there is no excuse for violating the law.  I thank the IMPD Officers for getting Jones off the road without incident.'”