Permits for fireworks vendors skyrocketing

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Hoosiers aren’t just buying fireworks this year—many are deciding to sell them.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the state has issued 806 firework vendor permits so far this year. That number is up from 437 permits in 2012.

Officials said the jump is partly due to the burn ban that hurt fireworks sales last year, but some vendors told Fox 59 that people are becoming more interested in the seasonal business.

“I’ve really, really enjoyed it,” said Josh Betustak, who’s in his first year managing Mark’s Fireworks store off Crawfordsville Rd near I-465. “Yesterday was wild and the day before was wild.”

Betustak is a teacher during the school year, but got interested in the fireworks business through his family.

“It’s fun just talking fireworks with people,” he said.

He is new competition for people like Pat Taylor, who’s been in the business for 25 years selling fireworks from Indianapolis to Chicago.

“There’s a lot,” said Taylor from the store she manages at 58th and Michigan. “I think they realize that there’s money in it.”

The money can be very good. Taylor said she put her kids through college, sometimes making as much as $50,000 in one month.

“People are crazy when it comes to fireworks,” she added.

Before you sign up, Taylor warns that selling fireworks is a lot of hard work, a lot of hours and requires taking a lot of risk.

You can find more information on permits at the Department of Homeland Security’s website.