Stevens introduced as Celtics head coach

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The coach who took Butler to consecutive National Championship games and led the Bulldogs from the  Horizon League to the Atlantic-10 to the Big East was officially introduced Friday as the head coach of the Boston Celtics.

“I am so thrilled about is the opportunity to work in a place that has such high standards, and places such a value on culture,” while gushing about the opportunity to start a new life in Boston and take over such a prestigious NBA franchise.

Stevens began the news conference by thanking his family and the people at Butler. He later made no secret as to who will remain his favorite “college” team.

“One of the things that I love is I don’t have to throw all of my Butler gear away. I can wear it with pride, you know, 13 years of it.  It is filling my closet, but I’m not going to just give it away. I’m so thrilled for that, I can root for the guys that I talked to on Wednesday as hard as I possibly can and be unabashedly a fan.”

He was asked what was so special about this opportunity that would allow him to leave Butler despite turning down other opportunities in the past.

“This is a great, great opportunity and I think it opens up great doors for the next person at Butler.  I think it is a wonderful opportunity for whoever Barry Collier tabs as the next coach there, but this was the right thing for us, and the right thing for our family. Like anything else, certainly it was emotional, but ever since, we’ve done our best to really look forward, and move forward.  I was up early this morning watching film, writing down notes and thoughts and really trying to figure out what the next step is from my spot.  Figuring out where I need to be next to make sure that I’m as ready as I possibly can be.

Watch the video below for more comments from Stevens Friday morning.

A decision on the next Bulldog coach is expected very soon. Fox 59 is following that portion of the story and will have more details as they become available.