Weekend rainfall chances and continued humid weather

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We are finally seeing a few breaks in the cloud deck today and this has allowed our afternoon temperature to approaching the 80 degree mark.  But it is still very humid outside with dew points well into the mid 60s.  The humidity will definitely be with us over the weekend as this more tropical air mass continues to influence Central Indiana.  This means the chance for showers and thunderstorms is still in the forecast as well.

As for tonight, skies go from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy as moisture continues to build.  We should more or less be dry this evening for any additional firework displays.  For those of you heading out to Conner Prairie for the symphony and fireworks, here’s your forecast.  Skies will be mostly cloudy and if you did see any rain, it would be a quick, isolated shower.  Temperatures also remain mild throughout the show in the mid to low 70s.


Event Forecast

Symphony on the Prairie tonight

The majority of the night will be dry here in Central Indiana.  Low temperatures only dip into the upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies.  We could see some patchy fog and haze again on Saturday morning.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will move up from the south and influence our area throughout the bulk of the day.  We aren’t expecting a complete wash out, but the chance for on and off showers is in all day.  The good news if any is that severe weather is not expected tomorrow.   Temperatures will end up in the low 80s on Saturday. But just like the last few rainfall events, we’ll have to keep an eye out for isolated flash flooding events with more persistent showers.  The chance for rain drops off around sunset on Saturday.


Widely scattered showers and storms expected by 2 PM

There is still an isolated chance for showers and thunderstorms on Sunday but it’s definitely a lower chance.  The tropical air will still be in place so it will be another warm and humid day with temperatures around 83°F.

Rainfall Specific cities

Rainfall totals possible over the weekend

The very humid air will remain as we go into the work week and so will the upward temperature trend.  This combination of more moisture and more heat will eventually help fuel stronger showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are also setting up in another “ring of fire” pattern and this would push those large masses of showers and thunderstorms into the state with greater threats for damaging winds.