CR 700W 2-week closure at US 52 rescheduled for Monday

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Weather delays and holiday traffic considerations have pushed back the closing of C.R. 700 West at the north approach to U.S. Highway 52 in Hancock County to Monday (JULY 15). Access to residences south of C.R. 200W will be maintained during the 14-day closure.

E & B Paving is the state’s contractor for this $1,658,000 Major Moves project designed to improve U.S. 52 intersections at Bade/Davis Road in Marion County and C.R. 700W in Hancock County. Plans call for U.S. 52 widening to accommodate eastbound and westbound left turn lanes at Bade-Davis Roads and a westbound left turn lane at C.R. 700W. A traffic signal is also being installed at the C.R. 700W.

During the 2-week closure, construction crews will mill and resurface C.R. 700W on the north side of U.S. 52. Later, the south approach will be milled and resurfaced under a similar 14-day closure.