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Severe storms leave part of Miami Co. in ruins

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Wicked weather left part of Miami County in ruins Wednesday. The high winds toppled trees, flipped cars and shredded many county landmarks.

BK Root Beer, a staple in the community, was left a mass of twisted metal. Just behind it is a house that is now unlivable because a huge tree cut right through the middle of it.

“I knew it would come down, because when we first moved in here, I said as big as that tree is, if the wind blows it down, the house is gone. I guess I shouldn’t have said it,” said Ron Bloomfield, who lived in the home.

Bloomfield said his family was not at home when the storm blew through, fortunately, they were up north.

Other parts of town farther up West Main Street were also hit hard.

Folks who live in a mobile home park next to the Kroger on West Main Street are dealing with uprooted and splintered trees everywhere. One home in particular was lifted off its foundation and pulled away from the front porch.

Fox59 also came across a pick-up truck lying on its side in the parking lot of Aldi! The owner, John Daniel Winters, said he was safe inside the store as the storm roared through.

“There was a great big boom almost like a bomb in back of the store, like a bomb. And then as I went and looked out the window, day turned in to night, it was that dark.”

Winters said he’s glad it’s all material things that can be replaced.

We’ve heard of some injuries, but emergency crews said they are relatively minor and no lives were lost.

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