Anderson police search for suspect in sexual assault of 93-year-old woman

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Anderson police are investigating after a 93-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in her home.

It happened after midnight Tuesday on the 3600 block of Harrison Place. Police said the victim was sleeping when a man broke into her home and attacked her.

Officers are working on multiple leads reported by neighbors and have persons of interest they are looking for.

“It is disturbing,” said Det. Joel Sandefur of Anderson Police. “Any heinous crime is disturbing, particularly if it involves younger people and the elderly. It seems to be intensified more.”

The victim’s family said the 93-year-old is staying with her son while she recovers. She has been released from the hospital after a medical examination. They are hoping whoever did this will be caught, but also know it will be hard to find closure.

“It’s extremely scary to think about what the elderly have to do because they can’t defend themselves,” said Joetta Sells, who lives nearby.

Sells has talked to police about setting up a Neighborhood Crime Watch program before. After this incident, she says it’s time to set it in gear.

“You got to watch your back. Everybody’s got to watch their back and you need to watch your neighbors’ backs. You honestly do.”

Police say Anderson is a city with a high elderly population. They’re urging people to look out for the community’s most vulnerable.

If you have any information on this incident, you can call Crime Stoppers at (765) 649-8310.

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