Central Indiana mom taking on a Starbucks’ gun policy

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An Indianapolis mom is asking a popular coffee chain to change their gun policy.

Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is calling on Starbucks to change its policy to not allow guns inside their coffee shops.

Watts says photo of a handgun sitting on a table at a Starbucks she received prompted her call her to action.

“We love Starbucks. We love to take our kids inside. And we want them to have a family and child-friendly environment.

“I don’t feel safe taking my five children into Starbucks standing next someone may have a loaded weapon just loosely in their pocket,” said Watts.

In Indiana, people may carry a handgun open or concealed if they have a valid license.

“Indiana law says if you have a license to carry, it can be open or concealed. The smart thing to do is to carry it concealed. If you walk around with your weapon on your side, exposed for people to see, that causes concern for many people and you can expect they’re going to call the police,” said Captain David Bursten with the Indiana State Police.

“With all rights, there are responsibilities and you need to exercise your rights with care, prudence and consideration for not only yourself but other people as well.”

Starbucks released a statement saying it is their policy to follow the local law.

If the coffee shop is inside a mall or retail space that has a no guns policy then they must follow that rule.

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