Department of Labor, OSHA remind employers about heat safety for workers

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The Indiana Department of Labor is reminding employers about the dangers their employees face while working outside.

Since Tuesday, Central Indiana has been battling high temperatures and high humidity, the two primary causes of heat-related illness.

The Department along with OSHA are issuing the following tips for reducing the likelihood of heat-related illnesses:

1. Water: A worker should not depend on thirst to signal when and how much fluid to drink. In fact, most individuals exposed to hot conditions drink fewer fluids than needed because of an insufficient thirst drive. Instead, workers should drink five to seven ounces of fluids every 15 to 20 minutes to replenish necessary fluids. That is approximately one bottle of water per hour.

2. Rest: Regular rest breaks aid workers in hot environments, whether the heat exposure is outdoors or indoors.

3. Shade: When work is performed outdoors, another important step to reducing heat illness is to provide shaded break areas. Shaded areas give workers necessary relief from the sun.

To learn more about heat stress, please visit OSHA’s heat illness page, located here.

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