Evidence released Friday in David Bisard case

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TV cameras are not allowed inside the Allen County Courthouse.

Friday Judge John Surbeck invited cameras and reporters into a courtroom to view evidence that may be crucial in the upcoming fatal drunk driving crash trial of IMPD officer David Bisard.

Bisard is currently being housed in the Marion County Jail while awaiting his October trial in Judge Surbeck’s courtroom.

The case stemming from the August 2010 accident that killed motorcyclist Eric Wells and injured two others was moved to Fort Wayne because of extensive pre-trial publicity.

While Bisard was free on bond from that case, he was arrested last April on a charge of drunk driving after wrecking his car in Lawrence.

That arrest prompted the Marion County Prosecutor to argue that Bisard was a danger to the public and had violated a court order and therefore he should be jailed until his trial.

Judge Surbeck agreed.

During two days of hearing later this month, Bisard’s attorneys are expected to argue that he be freed pending the trial, under strict supervision, and the Lawrence arrest should not figure in his reckless homicide case.

Judge Surbeck allowed reporters to see photographs of the Lawrence crash, listen to 911 calls from that day and receive copies of several documents including Bisard’s treatment for alcohol use at Fairbanks.

“Our purpose here this afternoon is to balance the importance of a fair and impartial trial for the defendant in this particular matter against the media’s need and right and duty to know the details regarding the exhibits that were admitted into evidence in a bond hearing that occurred on May 9th,” said Court Executive Jerry Noble.

Bisard’s attorneys may also repeat their arguments that blood samples taken from their client the day of the fatal crash are unreliable and should not be allowed into evidence.