Could be a while before we see another heat wave

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Another front will bring cooler weather to area coming up…

Some pretty big changes with the forecast over the next three days.  For days now it has looked like Monday would be the best chance for rain as a surface low slid through area.  This is no longer the case with just a scattered chance for rain for today, Monday and Tuesday.

Even with rain still possible, we will see a return of comfortable weather for today.  Dew points are down this morning into the mid-60s, and while they will actually slowly tick up over the next 48 hours a big dip in dew points will happen on Wednesday.  This means that while today will feel ‘better’, everyone will notice huge changes with their own personal comfort levels towards the end of the week.

Is summer over?  I only ask because long run model data is showing a potent cool off coming for the state as we head into next week.  In fact we get to see a return of the 70s on the 7 day forecast with Thursday, Friday and Saturday seeing highs possible in just the 70s!  This cool off could last for a week and a half or so with even cooler weather at least possible for next week.

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