Police release identity of man found in Boone Co. pond

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Police have identified a man found in a Boone County pond Tuesday.

seanhobbsSean L. Hobbs, 30, had been staying with friends near where he was found since mid-May.

The gruesome discovery was made at the Boone County Conservation Club in Lebanon Tuesday morning.

Two men hoping to fish at the pond found Hobbs partially clothed on the 19-acre property.

An autopsy was performed Tuesday afternoon, but a cause of death could not be determined. Police are now waiting on toxicology results, which could take four to six weeks to come back.

Police are wondering how the man got into the fenced in area.

Right now, the death investigation is number one on the list for Lebanon Police.

“This is a huge priority for us. Anytime anybody loses a life, it’s a life altering event for everybody involved. It’s our job to figure out what happened to this gentleman,” said Lieutenant Brent Wheat with the Lebanon Police Department.

Members tell Fox59 the conservation club has about 300 members and nothing like this has happened before.

“It’s a real shock to find out that someone was found floating out there,” said member Chris Greasel.

Nearby neighbor Kelli Woodall said the discovery of the body a few hundred yard from her home is unsettling.

“Just knowing that they found a dead body is creepy. You wonder if it’s suspicious or just an accident. It’s too close to home,” said Woodall.

Autopsy results could take four to six weeks.

Hobbs was not a member of the club

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