Columbus woman recounts moment plane crashed into her home

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It was a typical Thursday filled with household chores for Hiroko Nakao until 9:30 a.m., when her day turned from typical to anything but.

While she did laundry, a  home built, single engine airplane crashed into the rear of her home.

“Very surprised. Suddenly I heard a big sound. I heard a big sound inside the house,” said Nakao.

Nakao was inside the home she and her husband are renting, which is located in the 2200 block of Broadmoor Lane in Columbus.

Nakao escaped uninjured and went to a neighbors and called 911. She then called her husband to come home from work.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the phone call from her, but she’s very serious, so I came back home and saw the smoke and flames near here and then I said to myself, ‘Oh, it’s real,'” said Tadashi Nakao.

Columbus Police say the pilot had just taken off from the nearby airport and was having trouble.

Witnesses reported the engine was sputtering and the plane was flying very low before crashing into Nakao’s home.

“I think we’re very blessed today that the two pilots, the two individuals in that aircraft were able to get out.  That plane was completely inside the residence and it was fully engulfed when officers and firefighters arrived,” said Lt. Matt Myers with Columbus Police.

Nakao said she is very fortunate and hopes the two men in the plane recover soon.

“I’m lucky, I’m not injured. I’m safe, I am very lucky,” Nakao concluded.