Police push Brickyard 400 fans to social media to support security efforts

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Brickyard 400 fans have been promised shorter lines even though heightened security measures are now in place. Authorities tasked with keeping the public safe are also asking for their support via social media in reporting any suspicious activity.

“We’re from Vermont, heard about it, and we thought we had to stop,” said John Fowler, a new race fan.

“No cooler,” said Phil Harders who was joined by his wife, another new fan.
The couple explained how they will not be bringing a cooler to the track this weekend in hopes of avoiding a delay at the security checkpoints.

While there are seven additional entrances open this weekend that will create 18 options total, race fans will only be allowed to bring in one bag and one cooler that are no bigger than 18 X 14 X 14.

IMS officials said some Indy500 fans, who saw big lines in May, responded to the size requirement by bringing in several backs which helped hold up the lines.

“Staffing at the gates is going to go from 350 to over 600 people,” said Doug Boles, IMS president.

“If you arrive late, you may not make the start of a race,” said 1st Sgt. Brian Olehy with the Indiana State Police. “We live in a world where people want to do harm to other people for whatever reason, and we do everything we can to prevent them from doing that.”

Olehy said they do not want big crowds because they create a target, but they will not step back on security for added convenience.

He also asked that race fans do their part in keeping an eye on any suspicious activity or bags left behind. “The safety of us depends on us, all of us.”

IMS has also added improved signage that will direct fans to gates that may be less crowded or to express lanes.

If a bag or cooler does not fit the size requirement, the individual will be sent back to their vehicle. The same goes for trying to bring in too many bags.