Indiana woman who survived duck boat crash speaks to media

Cool air continues and storms eventually return

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Central Indiana started the morning with record-breaking low temperatures.  Indianapolis officially dropped to 51°F to start the day!  The previous record low was 54°F from 2004/1971.


The cool spell continues for Sunday afternoon with highs only in the mid to low 70s, once again, below normal for late July standards which should have us in the mid 80s.  Skies will be mostly clear again tonight and this will allow temperatures to dip quickly again, but not quite as cold as this morning.  Lows should bottom out in the mid 50s.

FCST_Low_TempsTemperatures will increase a bit more on Monday but still expect a cool start to the day with pleasant afternoon temperatures, plus low humidity levels.  Temperatures should be just shy of the 80 degree mark in our viewing area with mostly sunny skies.

Meteogram tomorrow

Clouds will increase on Tuesday but it will take time to get enough moisture built to produce rain showers.  Most of what I’m seeing this afternoon isn’t bringing in rain until 8 PM or later on Tuesday.  As you can see from Fox Futurecast below, showers will be just shy of our area at 10 PM Tuesday along the lifting warm front.  But scattered storms will move in overnight and remain throughout Wednesday.  Temperatures should stay near the low 80s through a few days after that before bouncing back to the mid 80s for Saturday.  But Saturday also bring back our next good chance for showers and storms after the Wednesday system.