Nice today with rain returning for Tuesday

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Rain totals could be big as area of low pressure slides through overnight.

Today will be another gorgeous day today with highs near 80 degrees.  While no big warm-up is now expected through the week, there are some subtle changes that will be occurring today and really overnight tonight.  Warmer air will try to temporarily roll in overnight tonight from the southwest but light winds will mean little difference in overnight and Tuesday highs.


Model data is locking on to big rain totals.

The difference you will notice will be an increase in cloud cover on Tuesday morning and through the day on Tuesday.  By Tuesday night rain chances will begin going up.  Rain will slide in from the west overnight into Wednesday with places south of Indianapolis potentially seeing 1 – 2 inches of rain.  The heavy rain potential means there will be a chance for flooding for places south of the city.  Places north of Indianapolis will have a chance for rain but the showers will be hit or miss for this area.

The remainder of the week will remind you a lot of how we are starting the week.  Temperatures will be near 80 degrees as we head into August.  As we wrap up the month of July it looks like we will hit 90 degrees five times this month.  In comparison, last year we hit 90 or above an unbelievable 28 times!  What a difference a year can make.  Enjoy your day and your week!

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