Parents of boy who was buried alive share joy following his recovery

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The parents of an Illinois boy who was buried for several hours in a mountain of sand are now talking about the heart-stopping experience.

Nathan Woessner was following his dad at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore when the 6-year-old slipped into a sinkhole.

Nathan was trapped under 11 feet of sand. Rescuers brought in heavy equipment, trying to desperately to reach him.

His parents feared the worst.

“We really did think he was gone and we were bracing ourselves for that,” said Faith Woessner, mother. “I remember that paramedic coming in and saying he’s alive those were the sweetest words I’ve ever heard.”

Nathan spent two weeks in the hospital. He was unconscious and on a breathing tube for part of the time.

He was released on Friday after making a full recovery.

Doctors believe a pocket of air in the sand kept him from suffocating.

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