Woman says dog saved her life after attack

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INDIANAPOLIS – A woman credits her dog with saving her life after two women attacked her.

It happened Monday morning around 6:30 in a south side neighborhood. The victim, who did not want to be identified, said she noticed two women digging in a pair of dumpsters while she was walking her dog. The women weren’t quiet, and the victim drew their attention.

“I noticed they were staring in a way (that) I (became) uncomfortable,” the woman said. “I’m just a simple housewife, trying to take my dogs to go potty and they just assumed I was following them.”

She decided to head back home when she heard something behind her.

“One of them said, ‘Why are you following us?’ She used the ‘b’ word. I said, ‘I’m not following you. I’m just taking my dogs out.’ She took one of the metal sticks out of the bucket. It was like a piece of aluminum and she said, ‘I’m going to split your head.’ I said, ‘Please, I don’t want any trouble, you know. Let me go home, you guys do your thing,’” she said.

The victim said one woman was holding a metal stick. The second woman pulled out a knife and asked her to take them to her apartment; the victim refused. She said one of the women pushed her to the ground. Her dog, Tyson, then lunged toward the woman with the metal stick.

“She started hitting him, and then I had to call the command for him to attack and he started attacking her,” the victim said.

She then became worried about the woman with the knife.

“She headed toward my dog and I just…he’s like a child to me and I thought that she was going to stab him with that knife,” she said.

The victim said she grabbed a piece of asphalt and hit the woman in the face.

“Then, out of nowhere a truck came up through here and slammed on the brakes and then they (said) ‘Get in,’” she said.

The victim described the truck as an old white Ford pick-up truck. She said she is thankful Tyson was there to help.

“I don’t know what would’ve happened had he not been there,” she said.

If you have any information, contact the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department about this case. The apartment community where the victim lives said they planned to contact their security team to let them know what happened and do what they can to catch the people responsible.

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