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Fmr. Secretary of State Charlie White sues Carl Brizzi, alleges legal malpractice

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Former Secretary of State Charlie White is suing Carl Brizzi for legal malpractice.

White claims Brizzi was ineffective in defending him, resulting in White’s conviction on voter fraud and other chares.

A jury found White was registered to vote at his ex-wife’s house but was actually living in a Fishers condo outside of his district.

White said Carl Brizzi was ineffective in his defense and in court documents said that “Brizzi was ignorant of the law.”

According to court documents filed by White, Brizzi was too occupied with his sick mother to give White a proper defense.

Brizzi, who was the former Marion County Prosecutor, has also been criticized for not calling any defense witnesses in the case.

White is seeking loss of employment, attorney fees and money for mental anguish. He is also seeking a new trial.