Police searching for suspects who threatened to kill newborn during robbery

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Police are looking for two thieves who threatened to kill a woman and her kids.

The victim told Fox59 she was beaten and robbed in her own home in Franklin Monday night. Her 4-month-old son,  her daughter and two cousins were inside.

“I was sitting on a couch with my newborn son,” the victim told dispatchers. “They kicked in the back door and immediately told me to shut up and held guns to my head.”

The backdoor of her house is cracked. The piece of its lock flown onto the floor. The victim says she was on her computer with her baby when the two robbers broke in, each pointing a gun towards the woman and the kids.

“They kept yelling things at me, saying they were going to shoot me, kill me, and kill my kids,” she said. “One held the gun to my head, while the other guy with the shotgun pointed the gun at [the kids] and pushed them back into the bedroom.”

She said the men told her to lay her baby down on the coach. They then pushed and kicked her into the garage, and demanded money.

“I kept telling them I didn’t have any money,” she said. “They kept hitting me with the guns in my head.”

She was told not to move until the boys left. As soon as they did, the mother ran back into the living room, grabbed her baby and hid in the bedroom with the kids. She called 911 from her neighbor’s house.

“I finally got enough nerve to get all the kids and just told them to run next door,” she said. “We’re not staying because of this. I’m scared to live here.”

The two boys left with the victim’s cell-phone, a laptop and a pair of expensive headphones.

She described the suspect as being in their late teens. She does not know if the two boys left on foot or drove off in a vehicle.

If you have information on this incident, call the Franklin Police Department.

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