Victim: Robbers pointed guns at children, threatened our lives

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The Franklin Police Department is searching for two men in connection with a home robbery late Monday night.

Two men pointed guns at a woman who was watching children at a home in the 4000 block of Fairoaks Court.

The home robbery happened around 10:30 p.m. Monday night.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, was taking care of her two children and two small cousins. She remembered the moment when her back door was kicked in. Her husband was not home at the time.

The family has lived there less than a year, but plan to move because of this incident.

“We’re not staying because of this. No, I’m too scared to live here,” the victim said.

The mother believes the suspects were teenagers.  She said they pointed both weapons at her. Later, one gun was pointed at the children. She heard one of the suspects tell the children everything was going to be okay. The victim said the suspects threatened her life and the lives of the children. She said they cursed, called her names, pushed and kicked her.

“Then, they finally got me up and pushed me into the garage. I laid my baby down and (they) held the guns to my head and pushed me into the garage and I kept telling them I didn’t have any money and they kept hitting me with the guns in my head.

“We have couches in our garage. I sat down. They pushed me on the couch and told me to stay there until they left,” the victim said.

The victim remained inside the garage until she felt it was safe to leave. She found the children, who were not harmed, and waited again. Once she felt it was safe, they went to a neighbor’s home.

Detectives said the suspects made off with some electronics.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to contact Franklin police at 317-736-3670.

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