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Prosecutors given more time to work on Broad Ripple quadruple shooting case

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INDIANAPOLIS – A Marion County judge gave prosecutors more time to work on their case against the man who admitted to shooting four people in Broad Ripple early Friday morning.

Tristan Crayton is being held on preliminary charges of battery and criminal recklessness.

During a Tuesday morning hearing, the judge granted a continuance until 9 a.m. Thursday.

Crayton, who immediately told police he was the shooter Friday morning, has maintained that he was acting in self-defense after a fight broke out.

Outside the courtroom, Crayton’s uncle spoke on his behalf.

“He’s a responsible person, his credibility is all right, he’s never been in trouble before,” said William Crayton.  “He works, he takes care of his family and everything.”

Crayton’s attorney said his client’s background and the facts of the case support a self-defense argument.

“He’s a solid member of the community, he’s worked the same job for six years, no prior criminal history,” said Alan Ladd.  “And he in fact called the police when this occurred.”

A spokesperson for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said formal charges could either be filed sometime Wednesday or early Thursday morning before Crayton’s next hearing.