Turns warmer and stormy by Wednesday!

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Warmer weather is now working back into the state with higher humidity levels, creating a more summer-like feel today!  As more moisture gets pumped into the atmosphere by Wednesday, a better threat of showers and storms will occur for the state.  Hence, the slight risk indicated above for tomorrow!  In the short term, expected plenty of clouds today mixing with some peeks of sunshine and only small rain chances this afternoon…here is your day planner today:


Day planner


Monday marked the 13th consecutive day at or below normal and the pattern shows no sign of let up.  Added humidity will make it feel more summer-like this week, but most of the days out the next 2.5 weeks are forecast to be below normal.  By August 5th of 2012 we had suffered through 47 90° days with 9 100° included.  So far this season only 5 days have topped 90 and there is a chance we may escape the rest of summer without any more.

8-14 Day Monday 8-5-2013

NWS 8-14 Day Outlook

Forecast High Temperature Departure from Normal

DAYS 1-5: -5°

DAYS 6-10: -9°

DAYS 11-16: -13°


So where is the heat?  It is out west and up along the western half of the continent.  It has been a sizzling summer out west.  Cities like Boise, ID Salt Lake City, UT, Redman, OR and Billings, MT have all posted more 90° days than Indianapolis.  The culprit is warmth locked in over the northern reaches of North America.  A bubble of warm air in the upper air levels is trapping a cool low pressure beneath it.  The “blocked” pattern has temperatures locked in to an “upside down” set up.  The cool air is trapped south with the warm air up north.  There is no break in the foreseeable future but some weakening is projected out beyond the 2 week time frame.  We are the beneficiaries of this pattern with very little heat expected.

Jet Stream

Blocking Pattern


AS of Monday the USDA has rated 76% of the Indiana corn as Good to excellent with an additional 19% considered fair.  Soybeans are also doing well with 95% of the crop rated fair to good to excellent.