Powerball fever strikes Hoosiers; hoping to be lucky

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Will we find a happy Hoosier tonight? Indiana is one of the luckiest states when it comes to Powerball winners, and, players we found hope to be the next one! Each one has dreams for what they’d do with $425 million.

Apriel Mitchell says, “pay off all my bills, and buy a nice house and put the rest away for college for my son.”

“Take care of all my family, and, a lot of the people in Indianapolis that need help too,” says Darrell Ford.

Ask Nancy Jacob, and she says, “take a wonderful vacation, go to the islands somewhere like the Bahamas or something like that.”

It costs just $2.00 to have a dream, and, even though the odds of winning are in the hundreds of millions, many people would agree its worth the investment.

FOX 59 found out that Indiana is a really lucky state. Powerball came here in 1992, and a Hoosier won that first jackpot. Since then, there’ve been 38 winning Powerball tickets sold here, that’s 11 more than the show-me state of Missouri.

Harry Grimes hopes his system of picking numbers is successful. He says it has in the past.

“We just try to use birthdays, anniversaries, children’s birthdays stuff like that.”

He says it has worked in the past.

“Yeah, for small amounts, $1,200 on the lotto three times,” says Grimes.

The odds of matching the five white balls and the red Powerball are one in 175,000,000.

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