Judge denies Broad Ripple Village Taxi’s appeal to operate

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A judge has denied an Indianapolis taxi cab company’s appeal to operate.

Last month, Broad Ripple Village Taxi was kicked off the road for a long list of safety violations.

Even though a bi-annual inspection is required of every cab driver, the company underwent 499 inspections between June of 2012 and June of 2013 because of no-shows, and failed inspection reports that forced them to return. Some drivers did not comply with that request either.

Records reveal a 55 percent failure rate.

Fox59 got a hold of picture evidence taken by code enforcement after a sweep that shows the locking mechanisms on the rear doors of two cabs had been removed or were missing. That means a passenger inside the cab would not be able to unlock the door.

If you see the cabs in operation, call the Department of Code Enforcement at (317) 327-TAXI or send an email to taxi@indy.gov. The department will need your name and contact information, taxi cab number and a brief description of what you saw.

Broad Ripple Village Taxi can still appeal the judge’s decision to the License Review Board.

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