Peru continues rebuilding one month after EF-1 tornado

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It has been a tough month for some folks in the small town of Peru. Since a tornado tore a path of destruction back on July 10, there are still a lot of wounds that haven’t healed. But, mixed in with that are signs of hope toward a feeling of returning to normal.

Forest Street near Second Street was one of the hardest hit areas of Peru. Today, it still is. The homes have blue tarps covering the roofs, the ones that have a roof. Some still don’t.

At Roy’s place, a concrete slab is all that remains of a place where he spent a lot of time.

“It was all garage, and the wind just… took it over,” said Roy.

The cost to fix it? Close to $22,000.

“I thought I was covered, but, when I got talking to the insurance company, which my daughter did, not me, she talked to my insurance company and they only pay 10 percent of what you’ve got covered on your house for the garage,” said Roy.

The rest, he said, comes out of his own pocket or from a bank loan.

Other people have no insurance. Neighbors say those folks are either in temporary housing or have moved away.

The EF-1 tornado zigzagged through town the afternoon of July 10, cutting a path miles long from one side of town to the other. A mobile home, next to the Kroger, that was bent and lifted off its foundation is still like it was.

Robert Ulshafer was at his son-in-law’s house checking on the repairs there Thursday.

“It took his fence and they had some extensive damage with their gutter and their roof,” said Ulshafer.

His family is thankful for contractors in the community helping fix it back up. What’s also been fixed up is the Aldi store on West Main Street. New stucco and a fresh coat of paint on the facade makes it look like a tornado never came through.

Back at Roy’s house, plans for a new garage and replaced vinyl siding are keeping his spirits up.

“Glad it didn’t take my house. Just all material stuff. Yeah.”

Around Peru, many of the businesses are back open again and power has been restored.

One man told Fox59, it’s Peru, they will rebuild, no matter what it takes.

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