Spierers say there is enough evidence to prove Lauren has died

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Lauren Spierer’s parents say there is enough evidence to prove their daughter has died, according to court documents filed Thursday.

The Spierers have asked a judge to allow a lawsuit over Lauren’s disappearance to move forward.

Last month, Michael Beth’s attorney filed a motion, asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. He claims his client didn’t “breach a duty” to the missing IU student on the night she was last seen.

Beth’s attorney argues the Spierer family “cannot prove damages as there is no evidence of Spierer’s death or any injury to her.”

The Spierers’ motion states: “the Spierers’ lawsuit certainly alleges precisely the type of circumstantial evidence that a jury can use to conclude that Lauren passed away — namely that after being last seen in an incapacitated state with the Defendants, Lauren never has been located, despite multiple intensive searches, a thorough investigation, reviews of video surveillance tapes from the area, and no affirmative contact with her close family and friends for over two years.”

You can read the full motion online: Spierer Motion

A federal judge will hear the case later this month.

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