Two teens seriously injured after being hit by suspected drunk driver in Frankfort

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Two children are recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. It happened on the 2500 block of State Road 39 near Frankfort Wednesday night. Police said the teens were walking their bicycles home when they were struck by an SUV.

Stephen Davis, 12, was listed in stable condition at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health Thursday night. His sister, McKenna Davis, 16, was listed in serious condition at St. Vincent Hospital.

Heather McDaniel, 39, was arrested on two counts of driving while intoxicated causing serious bodily injury and criminal recklessness with a vehicle.

Neighbors tell Fox59 that SR 39 has been a big problem recently. This is the second crash involving suspected drunk drivers in less than a week.

“We thought it was a car hitting another car. It’s exactly what it sounded like,” said Julie Dickenson, who lives along SR 39. “[It was] almost like she didn’t even see them there.”

The crash happened right outside her home. Julie held McKenna until first responders got there.

“We saw the little boy first,” she said. “I didn’t know there was another child. Then, I saw something moving in the grass. It was the little girl.”

It is a familiar sight for those who work along the busy stretch of road. Less than a mile away, you can still see the orange marks drawn by investigators where a couple on their motorcycle was hit by a pickup driver last Saturday. Michael and Lora Wingate were killed in that crash.

“People really need to be careful on this road. There’s a lot of businesses here, people turning in and out,” said Heather Sanders, who owns the Hillbilly BBQ Restaurant on SR 39.

“There’s a stretch of road where the speed limit is 55 mph, but then you have to slow down. I think people rush.”

Neighbors said the road gets a lot of traffic from drivers heading to Frankfort from the south.

Some worry it is getting too dangerous.

“Certain times in the evening, it’s a race-track,” said Mark Brown of Frankfort. “It’s the people. They’re not thinking about what they’re doing when they’re driving up and down this road.”

A foundation has been set up to assist the family with financial needs at the Farmers Bank in Frankfort. You can donate to the fund under the name “Davis Family.”

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